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People seek coaching mainly because they want to create positive change in their business, at work, in their lives. Each individual's reasons are specifically important and relevant to him/her.

Our success with helping clients gain the positive changes they aim for, is based on the unique Coaching Model and Framework we've developed, which draws from extensive research, proven theories and principles, and from significant experience of successfully working with many individuals seeking improvement in their specific situations.

Most coaches offer the "I'll teach you how I did it" approach, to deliver coaching. This however, is not sufficient to enable clients to deal with the fast pace of change in their business/work environment.

Managing today's pace of change requires more than 're-cycling formulae that worked in the past'. Dealing effectively with present and future challenges that people meet in the business environment, requires a greater measure of perception, and the ability to take into account the many factors that influence progress and outcomes.

Our model and approach to coaching, first and foremost respects the strengths and needs of each individual and the ability people have to make choices, grow and develop, solve problems, and manage situations, in their own way.

Our coaching is about creating a learning environment that our clients can use to grow, and deal with their present situation and future needs.

The Gelona model of coaching is rooted in the belief that 'YOU CAN' create positive change - if you so choose.
The model is designed to help you discover 'what works for you' and to help you take action to fulfill your potential and your aspirations.

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"Our coaching is capable of transforming your life and yor business / work situation..."