Do you enjoy remote working?

Do you enjoy working from home?

Initially we all thought “Oh how wonderful. Now I don’t have to get dressed
and travel to work for an hour or 1.5 hours and spend 2 to 3 hours every day
on commuting.

But after 4-5 months, I felt something was not right with some of my friends
who are company employees. Talking to them, it was clear they were feeling
lonely, isolated and left out on their own. They obviously faced challenges
work in a new environment but deeper analysis showed that apart from feeling
isolated, they missed their colleagues at work, the chats during coffee and
lunch breaks and team meetings.
The feedback I got from my friends who had teams reporting to them, was that
during first 3-4 months they observed that the productivity of their teams went
up but later started dropping.
My suggestion to the “employees” is to find ways to maintain social contact
with colleagues by having ‘virtual coffee breaks’ or ‘virtual lunch time’ and
weekly catch ups.
For manager and team leaders, I would suggest beyond the regular ‘virtual
work meetings’, to have an end of week, ‘virtual social meeting’ with the team
on a video call.
For all of us, working from home since for the past 8 months and continuing to
do so in the foreseeable future, is a new experience and rather daunting.

We need to follow a few simple steps to keep ourselves healthy and

  1. To get up on time and get showered and dressed for work.
  2. Since you are saving time in commuting, use that extra time for a jog or brief exercise or yoga.
  3. Sit at table, with your laptop and all work accessories at a designate work space in your house, away from any disturbance, with proper lighting and preferably near a window.
  4. Take a short break every hour of 5 or 6 mins to walk around the house or a stretch.
  5. Have proper schedule for the work day, with time for a coffee and lunch break.
  6.  Switch off the laptop at the end of your work day and spend quality time with your family.
  7. Stick to your normal sleeping time, the rest is very important to keep your productivity and cognitive level high.

The above steps will improve your work-life balance for happier living
which we all need.
One final suggestion – this time during the pandemic, where we will have more
time for ourselves, it will be extremely useful to develop a new skill, perhaps in
IT or learning a new language or any other, which will improve our
employability in future.