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Are you an ambitious professional looking for a way to supercharge your career trajectory, transform your work/life balance, or strike out into a new sector? You might be feeling unmotivated, uninspired or under-paid in your current job, despite knowing that you could be getting so much more from your career. Whether you’re an expert in your industry who wants to be paid what they’re truly worth, or you’ve been earmarked for success in the past but unsure how to fulfil your potential, I can help you reach your goals.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Whatever industry you’re currently working in and however long you’ve been applying yourself, chances are you may have experienced some of these challenges that professionals often face.

  • Feeling frustrated and bored in your job; particularly if it used to really excite and challenge you.
  • Being passed over for promotions that could transform your career and change your life for the better.
  • Not earning enough (regardless of whether you believe you’re worth more or not!)
  • Feeling stressed and wanting a better work-life balance.
  • Wanting to give your family a better life, perhaps by being able to spend more time at home, earning more money, or having focus on time together rather than worrying about work.
  • Not feeling certain about your future in the company.

These sorts of problems can hugely affect your performance, your career, and how you progress professionally, but more importantly they affect your mental health and your ability to enjoy your time outside of work. In collaborating with me, we work together to help you develop solutions to these problems. With my continuous support, you can reach a breakthrough for your career, devise a strategy to create a better work-life balance, and reclaim a positive relationship with your work.

What Can I Do For You?

Together, we will identify the blockers to your success, strategise how you can break free from limiting habits, and break through any barriers to success. With my coaching approach, you will overcome your limiting self-beliefs, uncover the strengths that you no longer thought you had, and develop new skills.

  • Define what your true goal is and create a realistic strategy to reach it.
  • Improve your performance in your current job by learning new skills, developing your existing strengths, and boosting your confidence.
  • Break free from habits that are holding you back and learn new approaches, such as how to deal more effectively with peers, managers, customers and suppliers. Get results and get you noticed and raise your profile in your company.
  • Take in the bigger picture and make effective decisions for your future, such as whether to re-orientate your career.
  • Learn how to manage or reduce stress day-to-day and going forward, so you can achieve a happier work-life balance.

Throughout our coaching relationship, I will guide and support you to explore new and better routes to success; identifying goals and options, and prioritising them for action.

My coaching specialities for Professionals include…

Performance power-up


Effective Communication

Future-Proof Success Planning

What Outcomes Can You Expect?

Vijay’s Expertise

Vijay has over 35 years experience in working with a variety of companies, from start-ups to big corporations. He has grown organisations from nil to million pound businesses, and is passionate about providing coaching to professionals, business owners and SMEs that gets results. He has mentored professionals, corporate executives and business owners in boosting their performance, getting results in their career or business, developing long term client and business relationships.

take your industry by storm

Improve your skills and boost your confidence to reboot your career. Thanks to my diverse industry experience in the business and corporate world, I’ve been able to help professionals from a variety of sectors, including:

Information Technology

Financial Services

Accounting & Legal

Hospitality & Travel

Manufacturing & FMCG