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“The future-thinking CEO”

Are you an ambitious business owner with the potential to become a leader in your market, but struggling with poor growth ? You might have ambitious goals for your business, like growing your customer base, boosting revenue or improving profitability. Your business might be brand new and battling to stake a claim in a competitive market, or long-established but desperate for new focus, direction, and special skills.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You know that the world of business is changing rapidly and we are in a challenging space. Do you recognise any of these issues that affect many businesses?

  • Unclear on your exact business goal, and unsure how to define it.
  • Stagnation in business growth despite excellent business potential.
  • Not as in touch with your end-consumer needs as you could be.
  • A lack of innovation in your product line or service.
  • Losing customers to competition.

These sorts of problems can hugely affect a business, often becoming the difference between sink, swim or surf ahead of the competition. In working with me, we work together to develop solutions to these problems. With my dedicated support you can reach a breakthrough for your business, devise a strategy to reach higher revenue or profit, and reclaim your positive relationship with clients.

What Can I Do For You?

Together, we will uncover the blockers to your success, strategise how you can break free from limiting habits, and break through any barriers to success.

  • Redefine the goals you desire.
  • Individual personal development to reignite your motivation and help you leave behind the beliefs that are holding you back. 
  • Helping you to discover and understand the changing needs of your customers.
  • Coaching to revitalize your own store of creativity and rediscover the strengths you didn’t know you had.

Learning about the tools and techniques you need to better boost the morale and productivity of your team. Having a structure and plan to achieve your goals and being held accountable for taking action Throughout our coaching relationship, I will guide and support you to explore new and better routes to success, identifying your goals and prioritising actions to get the results you want.

My coaching specialities for SMEs and Business Owners include…

Strategies for business growth

Performance power-up sessions

Team Excellence

Future-proof success planning

What Outcomes Should You Expect & Why Can Vijay Deliver

Vijay’s Expertise

Vijay has over 35 years experience in working with a variety of companies, from start-ups to big corporations. He has grown organisations from nil to million pound businesses, and is passionate about providing coaching to business owners, SMEs and professionals that gets results. He has mentored business owners, SMEs and corporate executives in increasing revenue streams, creating long term client relationships, developed team excellence and shown a strong control of bottom line.

What outcomes can you expect?

Meet higher revenue and profit targets.

Lock in new and repeat customer orders.

Improve product or service quality.

Improve team performance.

See an increase in positive client feedback.

Benefit from better customer service before and after sales.

Target new customers and markets.

Develop a laser-focus on your business USP.