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Are you ready to reclaim your direction and create your own success story? Leave behind the beliefs that are holding you back.

About Vijay Kasbekar


Vijay Kasbekar is a business and performance coach with over 35 years of experience. He develops individuals and teams to enhance their business or career performance. “I believe you already have the resources you need to reach your goals.All you need is the right guidance and support to transform your business or career through renewed energy, learning new skills and taking action towards achieving those goals, based on my collaborative coaching approach.”

    What does this mean for you?

    Whether you want to improve the capability of your business, make a breakthrough in your industry or career, or improve the performance of your team, my approach will help you achieve the results you want.


    Are you feeling challenged and overwhelmed? Do you have a healthy work life balance? Are you getting the results you desire?

    Business Coaching for SMEs, Corporations and Professionals


    Performance, Communication and Career planning

    Super-charge your personal development and performance with one-to-one sessions.

    Corporate Enterprises

    Team Development and Empowerment

    Bespoke workshops to facilitate rapid growth within your teams. Give your team the tools they need to succeed. 

    SMEs and Entrepreneurs

    Growth Strategies, Collaboration and Future-Proof Success Planning

    Together, we will uncover the blockers to your success, strategise how you can break free from limiting habits, and break through any barriers to success.

    About Business Coaching

    What Is Coaching

    Coaching is a series of powerful conversations which can empower and motivate the person being coached to maximise their potential. It is a supportive relationship which encourages critical thinking by asking thought-provoking questions of the person being coached. It’s designed to inspire fresh thinking and possible actions, creating a structure to make things happen and being accountable for the actions.

    Is Coaching For Me?

    If you are wanting to achieve your desired results and are willing to whole heartedly put in effort and learn new skills to transform your approach, then I can help you to succeed with structure and plan.

    What Coaching Is Not?

    • Mentoring.
    • Counselling or consulting.
    • Someone who has all the answers and can “just do it for You”.

    Companies & People I’ve Worked With

    Through coaching, Vijay helped me to voice my thoughts and gain the space I needed to figure out where I am headed. My business objectives now also include gaining new qualifications, which helps me to prioritise my work. I can now ensure my time and effort are focused on the areas that really drive the results.

    P. A.

    Innovation Consultant

    The sessions with Vijay have helped me to understand and then ‘map out’ my next steps. We addressed all my aspirations, personal development, health, family, and my professional life. He is a conscientious coach, and great listener. I am very grateful for the time he has given me.

    Lola Chapman

    Illustrator and Entrepreneur

    I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

    How well are you prepared to adapt your business or career to the new normal during the Covid-19 pandemic?

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